RapidMatch™ X-5

RapidMatch™ X-5 is Nexa Autocolor's electronic colour measurement device. It delivers quick and precise colour identification using inbuilt daylight light sources and five angles of measurement.

The overall RapidMatch™ process delivers improved productivity by reducing time spent identifying colours, selecting from a database of over 100,000 virtual colour chips.

Aquabase Plus Variant Deck
The Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Plus Variant Deck delivers colour excellence through high-level accuracy.

The colours in this tool all utilise the same paint and technique as a painter in a bodyshop. Every colour is then quality-checked by our Global Colour team to ensure that the colour tool has a "spray out library" quality.

The Nexa Autocolor Aquabase Plus Variant Deck allows bodyshops to conduct visual checks without needing to spray out a check panel.

Nexa Autocolor ColorPlus
Nexa Autocolor's ColorPlus system has been designed to improve the process of colour identification. Containing over 17,000 chips and 39 motor manufacturers, and showing both Number 1 and Variants, it lets you find the colour you need without delay.

Aligned to motor manufacturer standards, the tool works with all Nexa Autocolor collision paint lines.

Nexa Autocolor EHS Turbo Plus Color Selector
The Nexa Autocolor EHS Turbo Plus Color Selector is the latest commercial transport colour identification tool. It contains over 3000 colours, arranged chromatically to speed up the process of colour identification.

The Turbo Plus EHS Color Selector has been designed to make our end users' lives easier: the layout of the box, the chip and fans collection, and - most of all - the colours themselves have been developed through "the eyes of the customer".