Paint It: Innovative colour selection and identification.


The Nexa Autocolor brand is announcing the launch of a revolutionary approach to selecting the latest vehicle colour information: Paint It, a Web-based application that provides endless search possibilities to refinish professionals who desire visual representation combined with comprehensive colour information in one simple and easy colour tool.

Available in North America since March 2012, this innovative application will be presented worldwide on December 1st. Bodyshop professionals using Nexa Autocolor products will have free 24/7 access to the most up to date automotive colour information. 

151109_Nexa -Screen -on -Tablet -with -hands

Paint It includes smooth functionality and a fast search feature that generates colour identification results through OEM manufacturer, usage (wheel, trim, etc.) and model-year cues. Colour palettes have been expanded and can be referenced on a geographic or country-specific basis. Additionally, Paint It is tablet-friendly and can be used wherever there is an Internet connection. 

“When we launched Paint It in North America, we were happy with how well it was received” said Mary Kimbro, Nexa Autocolor  brand global colour director. “Our customers immediately saw its benefits: a free Web application that makes the process of vehicle colour identification easier and more streamlined. Paint It is now available to automotive industry professionals globally. It’s all part of Nexa Autocolor brand’s commitment to our customers to boost their productivity without compromising quality.”

No special software or subscription is required. Paint It displays digital images of vehicle manufacturer colours with corresponding model information allowing technicians to quickly identify specific colours. Images and data are linked together for simple and easy search results. Once a colour is identified, distributors, bodyshops owners and paint technicians looking for a vehicle’s colour information can retrieve formulas through the password-protected COLORMOBILE®formula retrieval tool. Bodyshop professionals around the world will now have access to PPG’s comprehensive range of colour information.  

Nexa Autocolor brand customers can access Paint It through


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