In today's highly competitive market, you need to ensure your long-term profitability. You need an experienced, trusted partner that will develop your staff and your business, and continuously drive forward efficiency and productivity.

You need to look no further than NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand.

With an innovative approach and in-depth knowledge of the entire repair process, experienced trainers at Nexa Autocolor brand deliver training designed to provide you with the right tools to maximise your business potential.

With over 60 training centres globally, our technical courses in repair processes and best-practice techniques and excellence in colour are designed to support a wide range of technicians, from new starters to experienced painters.

All this is fully complemented by a range of bodyshop management training programmes that enhance your performance and ensure you take every opportunity to develop your business.

Our commitment to training extends well beyond the classroom. It is a continuous process that forms the core of our customer partnerships. We aim to provide the highest standards of support and expert technical advice.



NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

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