TouchMix® mini

The future is here.

Easy and safe
TouchMix mini touch-screen is 10 inch wide and scratch resistant for ultimate ease-of-use in the mixing room. Compact and robust, it is an easy reliable tool to manipulate in the fast-paced bodyshop environment.
Built on even higher ATEX standards, trust the TouchMix mini in your mixing room as it is specifically designed for use in industrial and hazardous areas!

Connected to the Internet, it contains the automatic updates of colour formulas to support the use of RAPIDMATCH™ spectrophotometers colour formula retrieval.
The seamlessly connection to PAINTMANAGE® software opens up possibilities to fully utilise even more features for mixing and managing the paint operation.

Your TouchMix mini computerised system can be use on your desk or easily mounted on the wall, so you can interact with your device in the most efficient and safest manner.

Nexa Autocolor brand’s advanced exchange programme entitles customers to a complete replacement of the mixing system during the warranty period.


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